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some to believe hers won't be an ordinary royal wedding. >> as kate's parents run the extremely successful party business, party pieces, i should think they will be definitely a theme. >> reporter: but don't royal weddings already have a theme? still, each one has its trademark. >> i don't think that he would want probably to go for too great a public event. i think the attitude to marriage being the focus of what royalty is all about has altered slightly, particularly because of the difficulties that the prince of wales had in his marriage. >> reporter: also pundits around the palace say because these are recession are you times, if the prince pops the question soon, the wedding will likely be less lavish than his parents was. in london amey kellogg fox news. >> news edge at 11 starts right now. [ music ] this is fox 5 news edge at
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11. we start the news edge in calvert county, maryland where a shooting spree has police officers on alert following targeted attacks. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. two homeowners homes were hit by gunfire. they are looking into the connection between violence and recent gang arrests. >> reporter: two homes and two shootings in two days have law enforcement officers in calvert county on edge. the sheriff there says someone is taking aim at police officers. >> and they were about a mile and a half apart from each other. and both of them were police force. so we don't believe that it was a random act. we believe that they targeted police officers. >> everybody stepped up on their own edge for this. it is not necessarily where this happened. this is all over the county now. so we are keeping our eyes open and more alert. >> reporter: on saturday a st. mary's deputy's car was shot in chesapeake ranch state in lesby.
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>> i heard a car coming up the road. a rapid pop pop pop pop pop heard about five shots. >> reporter: neighbors heard the gunfire. two bullets penetrated the house into a child's bedroom where a young toddler was sleeping. >> so the neighbors kind of look out for each other around here. i was concerned, especially with the young baby or young child in the house. and i understand that one of the bullets went right through above the bed while the child was in the bed. >> reporter: the first shooting happened friday night. gunfire went through the living- room window after maryland state trooper's home in lessby. his family was inside. at least 15 shots were fired between the two homes. the two shootings have stunned the law enforcement community and officers are now on guard. in fact, the two officers who were shot at have moved their families from their homes. and other officers have done the same. >> we have notified all of the officers from any jurisdiction living here to take appropriate
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action. my son, for instance, just moved his son and child out. the state police, are our sheriff's deputies have all taken that kind of same action until we get to the b >> reporter: the fbi has now joined in the investigation. for now, sheriff mike evans says there is a good possibility the shootings are gang related. evan has arrested 30 people, mostly for drugs. and he believes this may be retaliation. jail guards alerted the sheriff about recent threats. >> there have been threats towards the county deputies against, you know, we are going to shoot at police officers. this is the first case we have had of that. and, of course, it wasn't the calvert county deputies. it was a state trooper. >> reporter: until the suspects are arrested all are on alert. >> they executed a search warrant in connection with the investigation. three alleged gang members were arrested for drug possession but have not been linked to the
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shooting. gunfire at the adam morgan day festival today. a dc police officers shot and killed a hit bull who police say attacked a poodle. witnesses told fox 5 what they saw. >> the poodle was just passing by and suddenly they jumped up at each other. they were biting. >> the pitbull started biting the owner of the dog and her bystander that was there with her started biting them. >> the police have not identified the officer involved in the shooting. just a day left in the campaign for the dc mayor's office a new question is arising. is someone trying to by your vote? two voters at an early voting station saying they were offered gift cards to cast a vote. this is the video making the same allegations we are going to show you there. right now both candidates say they were not involved. their people were not involved. but not really sure who was. >> well, who knows. i mean, we can't afix any responsibility. we can certainly identify no one in our campaign who has
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anything to do with any gift cards. and the person who was involved, i think on the video said something about non- partisan, right? >> it is my understanding that the people in the giant parking lot handing out the gift certificates are affiliated with the gray campaign. whether they are paid staff, campaign volunteers, i don't know enough about it. but that's what i have been told as of this morning. >> there was some footage sent to media outlets that showed what appeared to be someone being offered a gift card but it is still being investigated. the actual primary happens to be tuesday. it will decide the race since there is no republican candidate. tea party activists marched across the country and here in dc today. hoping for sweeping change come the mid-term election. their focus is to reduce the big government and they want a conservative approach to running the country. >> the skin season opener and a whole lot of spark on the field tonight. we talk to fans at the crystal city sports pub between the new coach and the new quarterback, they are feeling pretty
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confident right now. a far cry from how things were even at the very beginning of last season. >> we've had a rough number of years. so it's about time. >> i think it's their year. it had better be. i mean, i've spent all of these years hating the eagle us and mcnabb and now i've got to find out tonight whether i love him or not, you know. >> bar owners are hoping the team does well, too. a good season for the skins means good sales at the pub. >> gwen is back with a final look at the forecast. and hip hop royalty is set to host the first ever concert at the new yankee stadium. taking a look at that and the week ahead coming your way next.   . >> the power of fox 5ness in your hands tied to your cell phone.   . >> there is one clear choice on election day fox 5 news from the moment the polls open to the final ballots
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cast,interactive, comprehensive, cover you can count on. you decide tuesday on fox 5 and four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty --
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some things you just can't forgive. . >> well, finally after 18 days of no rain, we finally got some rainfall today. boy, i know the farmers are happy. we really needed t rain moved its way through starting into the overnight hours last night.
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a couple of thunderstorms that popped up. a few pockets of heifer yes rainfall before it moved its way off the coast. and behind it just some cloudy skies. but things are improving for tonight. here are a look at some of the rainfall totals. just over a half inch for national airport. didn't quite make that at dulles, however, close for an inch for baltimore but did reach over an inch for annapolis. hag arreststown. i know we were happy to see that. temperature-wise right now a little cool outside. 65 degrees in the nation's capitol. 63 at baltimore. 63 at minassiss. but keeping our eye on a huge, huge storm. take a look at this. this is hurricane igor and it is just huge. take a look at the very well defined eye here. it is a category 4 hurricane as it continues the intense rotation here in the tropics. it is actually moving into the northwest at 14 miles per hour. the last hour winds have increased from 140 to 150. by wednesday it is even forecast to reach up to at
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least, well, it has changed a little bit now. tuesday 150 miles per hour. but it looked like it was going to possibly become a category 5 hurricane. but this is major. good news is right now it is not affecting any areas of land whatsoever. no watches or warnings in effect. but we will have to watch it. a bright start for your week. a ridge of high pressure builds in. no shortage of sunshine for you as we head into the week. tomorrow looking at a very sunny day. fairly mild by mid-day 78 degrees. as you take a look at the five day forecast that sun will stick around. sunshine right through until friday. that's when our next system heads in. that will also give us our best chance. the temperatures pretty close to seasonal as we start the week. >> thanks, gwen. the new yankee stadium is playing host to a new hip hop homerun. the first ever concert starring two of the biggest names in rap. >> a different kind of game buts in the northeast. voters will hit the polls to make their picks. winning candidates will face
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off in november. our correspondence err correspondent has that and more up in the week ahead. >> reporter: monday two of hip hops biggest names kicking off the first concert at the new yankee stadium. jaycee and i am member will be headlining the two night sold out show at the new ballpark. also on monday, president obama will be honoring championship teams and students these from across the ncaa. the president is welcoming student these from dozens of schools to the white house in order to congratulate them on their accomplishments on and off the playing field. tuesday primary elections sweep the northeast. voters from maryland to new hampshire will hit the polls to decide who will be running in this november's general election. friday, the gop heads to iowa for its annual reagan dinner. it will feature a speech by former alaska governor sarah palin. that's a look at your bike ahead. in new york fox news. a fisherman in south florida numbered a giant lobster. >> it weighed in at nearly ten
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pounds. the shellfish taking the edge off tonight. we will try to do that. amos turned lobster wrangler wttg a tip to try a special lobster spot. it took him 45 minutes to bring in this giant lobster just off miami beach. >> its tail was like wrestling with, you know, with more than a lobster. i got him in a bear hug and i just went straight up to where the boat was. and i just threw him on top of the boat. >> well, to show you just how big it is, ronald use his own size 12 shoe which was delawareed by the giant creature. >> do you know what i'm thinking? drawn butter and a little bit of lime. >> a stick of butter? >> butter makes it better. >> that does it for us. fox news always on >> keep it right here on sports extra and plenty to talk about. right, lindsay, thumbs up? a lot to talk about. coming up two minutes your way. and sniffling]
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